Wi-Fi Protocol Vulnerability Exposed: KRACK Kills WPA2

Belgian researcher from the university KU Leuven, Mathy Vanhoef, released a paper October 16th, 2017, fully detailing a newly discovered vulnerability in the most widely used WiFi encryption protocol – the WPA2 protocol. The hack is already nicknamed “KRACK”, which is an acronym derived from the name Mathy Vanhoef gave the attack that exploits the […]

How to Disable WebRTC in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Others

Desktop PC Google Chrome versions 28+ Mozilla Firefox versions 22+ Microsoft Edge versions 12+ Safari versions 11+ Opera versions 18+ Vivaldi versions 1.9+ Android Google Chrome versions 28+ Mozilla Firefox versions 24+ Opera Mobile versions 12+ Chrome OS Firefox OS Blackberry versions 10+ iOS versions 11+ MobileSafari/WebKit Tizen versions 3.0+ How to disable WebRTC in […]

U.S. Internet Service Providers Can Now Collect and Sell Your Data

On April 3rd, 2017, United States President Trump signed a Congressional resolution repealing certain regulations that would have required U.S. Internet service providers to acquire customer permission prior to collecting, using, or selling information about customer browsing habits and history. The repealed regulations were passed by the FCC 5 months earlier. What Needs to be […]