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My name is John Snow and in late 2014 I had been collecting and organizing data/specs from VPN providers’ websites in an Excel spreadsheet to aide me in choosing the best VPN for my needs.

After choosing my VPN, which ended up being PrivateInternetAccess for those curious, I was looking at my huge OCD-driven speadsheet of VPN specs and thought to myself, what a waste…

So, in order to ease my mind, I started this site in 2015 with basically just an Excel sheet full of specs/data on VPN providers.

Since then I’ve added more VPN Providers to the mix, editor reviews of VPNs, VPN guides and articles, VPN promo codes, as well as a user-based VPN review/rating system.

I’m always working on the site, and I’d love to do more, but this isn’t my day job and I’m just one person! Feel free to contact me using the contact page, or any other means, with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!

-John Snow

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