Blazing SEO LLC is Testing new Blazing VPN Service!


Three days ago Blazing SEO LLC, provider of the popular Blazing Proxies and Blazing VPS services, officially announced Blazing VPN – a full featured VPN service that gives users secure and anonymous web-surfing, supports streaming, and is less than $5 per month!

Blazing SEO modestly says there is nothing spectacular or fancy about their VPN and to go with a bigger more popular VPN if you want super advanced options and lots of extra features. However, what Blazing really means is their VPN service isn’t bloated with a bunch of junk most people don’t actually want or need! Plus, Blazing SEO has been one of the leading SEO proxy providers for years – you can trust their VPN service will be reliable and that Blazing will not do anything shady.

The bad news is.. Blazing SEO LLC is only just now doing beta testing for their VPN Service via replies to the Blazing VPN announcement email they sent out. Keep a watch here at the GetFastVPN Blog for news of the Blazing VPN public launch and most likely catch a promo code as well!

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