Windscribe Review 2017

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Windscribe is a very young Virtual Private Network provider, having only been around since May of 2016. They are rated highly by other VPN testing and review websites, their app is highly rated on CNet and Softonic, plus they’ve even been featured on the LifeHacker website. Windscribe is owned by Windscribe Limited., a company operating out of Ontario, Canada

Windscribe VPN Service Review 2017

The web-designers really went for it with Windscribe’s site, making it a high-contrast journey through the clouds and space. The site’s header has a neat hover effect that makes interesting constellation-like shapes follow your cursor! (What is that, javascript, HTML5??) If you don’t find what you are looking for on the Windscribe home page, the page footer has links to Comparison Pages, App Downloads, and Setup Guides.

Right now Windscribe has more than 100 Severs in 45 countries giving users a decent amount of VPN locations to choose from. While their global spread is less than average when compared to other VPN providers, Windscribe is very young and they are growing their network quite rapidly.

Windscribe Country List

Windscribe Country List

Windscribe’s main focus seems to be an impression of total security and a tool for every job in their arsenal. Their VPNs operate behind a max 256-bit AES encryption with 4096-bit RSA Key exchange via OpenVPN, L2TP, or PPTP protocol. Windscribe has a wide means of using their Virtual Private Network with VPN client downloads for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Plus they have setup guides for Linux and Android, as well as Tomato and DD-WRT Routers. Windscribe even has a Firefox Add-On and an extension that will work for Chrome and Opera!

The starting price for Windscribe is $9.00 a month, which puts them on the higher-end of VPN providers. But, with all the extra features Windscribe boasts, this is a cheap price when compared to some other VPN Providers in the same range. Windscribe has a monthly unlimited plan, a yearly plan that brings the price down to $7.50/mo, plus they also have a free 10GB/mo plan!

Windscribe Pricing Table:

1 Month 1 Year
Monthly $9.00 n/a
Yearly n/a $90.00
10GB Free n/a

Windscribe VPN Clients:

Although Windscribe offers VPN clients for Windows, Mac, and iOS – of those, I only use Windows, so that is the client I have reviewed.

Windscribe Windows VPN Client Review

The Windscribe Downloads page is easy to find with links in the website’s main menu and site footer. However, setup guides have been mixed into the downloads page so it is a bit crazy since there is also a link in the footer to a separate setup guides page.

The Windscribe Windows Client is a small 12.8MB executable, the install process is simple and will look familiar. I installed using the default settings, but the custom settings page is pretty bare and only covers installation location, program name, and whether to place a desktop icon or not. I ran the setup normally, not as an administrator, and everything went smoothly.

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Upon starting the Windscribe VPN Client for the first time you will be asked to login or create a new account. Once logged in, the Windscribe client is a simple easy-on-the-eyes app that has a “power button” to enable/disable the VPN as well as an on/off switch for the firewall. When connected to a Windscribe VPN the entire client goes from grey to blue which is kind of nice and easy to see at a glance!

Within Windscribe’s options there are many of the usual VPN options like “start app with Windows” and autoconnect. However, there is no killswitch like other VPN clients. Instead there is a Firewall which Windscribe swears is more effective than a killswitch at preventing your internet activity from being exposed to your ISP or anyone else if a VPN connection drops or fails.

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The Windscribe VPN client is a very polished and stream-lined piece of software. Everything works just as it should without any problems. I really like the Windscribe VPN client, and it looks nice too!

Windscribe VPN Speed Tests:

Speed Test Without VPN

(Windscribe Speed Tests conducted using Windows Client and OpenVPN Protocol)

Windscribe Amsterdam, Netherlands

Windscribe Chicago, Illinois (US East)

Windscribe Frankfurt, Germany

Windscribe Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Windscribe London, United Kingdom

Windscribe Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Windscribe Paris, France

Windscribe San Jose, California (US West)

Windscribe Toronto, Ontario (Canada East)

Windscribe VPN Review Conclusion

Windscribe is a fresh new player on the VPN provider scene and they are pushing limits. Windscribe is one of the most feature-rich VPN providers around, and they openly provide VPN feature comparison tables to shame their competition’s lack of features. Windscribe’s best feature, though, is their allowance of unlimited simultaneous connections to their Virtual Private Network, which is super useful if you want to connect lots of devices and don’t have a VPN router. But, their speed tests don’t look bad either.

At first glance, Windscribe looks like the perfect VPN and I really can’t find a reason to say that they aren’t. But one thing I’d still like to see are more thorough explanations of the listed features on the VPN comparison pages – don’t just say you have it but not explain what exactly it is. Instead, the “Learn More” links on the VPN Compare pages just link back to the home page. I suppose for now we just take their word that they do have it, and that it is good! Or, maybe not? Hopefully they will go into more details about their features some time in the near future.

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  • Helena

    Hi! If you follow Windscribe’s blog they let you know of the upcoming updates and changes they plan on making. Here’s a link to the blogs, worth staying in tune to see what’s happening. So far i’ve had no problems with Windscribe.

  • Jeremy

    One of the best VPN’s to date, and agree with the above comment, plenty of useful and knowledgeable information on their site for those that aren’t quite sure. Windsribe is one of a kind and a must have for safe surfing.

  • Jospeh William

    Good speeds, great features, real security for you and your computer. Exactly what I needed, and exactly what i’ve got. Couldn’t be happier or more impressed than I am with Windscribe. Top notch VPN provider!

  • Tammy

    Such a reliable VPN provider that is so easy to use. I couldn’t ask for more because Windscribe has definitely upped their game and has provided customers with everything one needs.

  • Ruby O.

    Great for everyday use, however, if you do you use it daily then I would recommend signing up for the Pro plan. It’s worth it in my opinion as you get the larger selection of locations and unlimited data allowance. Windscribe is very user-friendly and has been really reliable when it comes to performance.

  • Wilson Yap

    I love how they’re keeping up to date with their updates. Deinfetly noticed a good change in speeds, despite it already being reliable before. Great maintenance alongside a great overall VPN.

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