OverPlay Fights for Online Freedom


Net Neutrality is on the verge of destruction by the FCC, but OverPlay hasn’t given up! Join OverPlay in their fight for online freedom, while enjoying 50% off Any OverPlay VPN Plan!

Net Neutrality, What is it?

U.S. Internet Service providers are classified as “common carriers” according to Title II of the Net Neutrality Communications Act. This prevents internet companies from being allowed to manipulate internet usage in any way including slowing down traffic, blocking specific websites, or charging premium fees for access to certain websites or services.

Does Net Neutrality Actually Matter?

Without Net Neutrality Internet wouldn’t be open and instead would be more like Cable Television. Net Neutrality allows users the freedom to use whatever websites and services they choose, when they choose. Without Net Neutrality all sorts of things may change with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) including Throttled Bandwidth, Restricted Websites, as well as Premium “Fast Lanes” and Economy “Slow Lanes”. Without Net Neutrality the internet would never be the same as it is now.

How Can you Help Save Net Neutrality?

It’s crucial that Net Neutrality be maintained, and OverPlay is ready to fight the fight. If you want to join them in this Fight for Freedom, Here’s How you can:

Get in on the Internet-Wide “Day of Action”

July 12th, 2017, is the day that the internet will come together and show their frustration regarding the Net Neutrality repeal. Amazon, Reddit, and other internet legends will be participating, along with OverPlay of course! Join Here

Debate Net Neutrality

July 17th, 2017, is the last day to participate in debates regarding the Net Neutrality repeal. Leave a comment here to show your opposition to the repeal of the Net Neutrality. While at the site, click the “+Express” link on the left sidebar to fill out the comment form for submission.

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for OverPlay

OverPlay is committed to keeping the internet safe and open, no matter what fate the Net Neutrality policies have. To help preserve and protect internet freedom OverPlay is offering two services: SmartDNS and VPN

OverPlay SmartDNS
Plans Starting at

(Based on 12 Months Plan)
1 Month $9.95 $4.97
12 Months $99.95 $49.97

OverPlay SmartDNS frees you from regional censorship by rerouting your internet traffic to restricted websites. Only traffic to individual websites is redirected, all other traffic functions as normal.

SmartDNS is ultra-fast, simple to set up, and compatible with a long list of devices. Use SmartDNS to access an unrestricted internet on any platform.

OverPlay VPN (includes SmartDNS)
Plans Starting at

(Based on 12 Months Plan)
1 Month $4.95 $2.47
12 Months $49.95 $24.97

VPN is shorthand for virtual private network. OverPlay VPN allows you to connect to remote servers over the internet. These connections are encrypted, make your web traffic unreadable, and alter your visible online location.

OverPlay VPN is the fastest VPN service in the world. Connect to our app and avoid ISP interference while you maintain an open, neutral, borderless online experience.

OverPlay VPN Features:

  • Zero traffic logs
  • Access to censored media and websites
  • Unlimited region switching
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 5 day money back guarantee
  • Mobile compatible
  • Unlimited Peer-to-Peer traffic
  • 650+ servers in 50+ countries
  • User friendly apps
  • Military-grade encrypted connection
  • Anonymous browsing
  • PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth

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