Best Free VPN Services in 2017

Choosing the best VPN can be a fairly daunting task, but choosing the best free VPN is even more difficult! Free VPN providers usually place much different and greater restrictions on their free VPN plans when compared to their premium paid plans. Because of this, paid premium VPNs from different providers are generally much more competitive with each other while their free VPNs will vary greatly.

This list of free VPN providers and the table of information below should help users discern which is the best free VPN for their needs.

Best 2017 Free VPN Service Providers – Specs Table:

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NameCountriesServersConnectionsData LimitSpeed LimitLogs KeptAdsCountrySortDataSort
Hotspot Shield1Unstated5750MB/MoUnstatedUnstatedYes0750
VPN Gate239000+VariesVariesVariesUsuallyNo90001

Best 2017 Free VPN Service Providers – Descriptions:



CyberGhost is probably the most full-featured free VPN available on the internet. CyberGhost’s free VPN has above-par encryption for a free service, decently fast speeds, and most surprisingly there is absolutely no data usage limit! To top it off, the CyberGhost VPN client apps are very simple and user-friendly. Over three and a half million people use CyberGhost and their Android app is rated 4 stars in the Google Play store with many stellar reviews praising support.

Although a CyberGhost free VPN sounds perfect, there are some down-sides to their service. During peak times there may be a wait to connect to certain VPN servers that are under heavy loads – premium plans don’t have to wait. Also, free CyberGhost VPN users will have to deal with in-app advertisements when using the clients that push users to upgrade to a premium VPN plan.



Windscribe is a fairly new VPN provider, but they are really pushing the industry with their free VPN plan. Windscribe gives free VPN users 10GB of strongly encrypted data usage per month and their privacy policy keeps it’s users safe. Although not all of the countries are available to Windscribe’s free VPN users, the most useful countries generally needed by VPN users are still able to be used. Their speeds are pretty fast too, which goes well with the hefty 10GB data limit!

Windscribe truly is pushing the Free VPN envelope. The only actual feature of a free Windscribe VPN that is lacking is the limit of only one connection to the VPN at a time. However, Windscribe is still one of the best free VPNs on this list!



TunnelBear is probably the cutest looking free VPN around, but don’t let their light-hearted appearance make you take them less serious. TunnelBear offers a premium VPN plan and a free VPN plan which is basically the same but limited to 500MB data usage per month. Right out of the box TunnelBear’s VPN clients work very well and are configured to auto-connect to the best server possible. Should you want to have more control it is easy to turn off the auto-connect feature or manually choose which VPN server from the 20+ countries available.

TunnelBear is surprising simple enough to be used on all your devices, yet powerful enough to keep your computer secure and your data private. TunnelBear’s privacy policy is safe, they collect as little data as possible from their users – They do not require a first name, they no longer collect connection counts, and they keep zero data logs. You can even earn more data allotment by social sharing and other tasks! It’s no surprise that TunnelBear is one of the most popular free VPNs on the web.

Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield is another one of the most well known free VPN providers. They have been in the VPN game for a long time and offer both a premium “Elite” plan with a choice of 20+ in-demand countries as well as a free VPN plan that has less locations to choose from and a 750MB per month data limit.

Although Hotspot Shield’s speeds aren’t the fastest out there, their free VPN has other good features like the ability to automatically enable the VPN when connected to the internet via unsafe WiFi networks. Hotspot Shield’s free VPN is a great choice for frequent travelers or other people that often use public internet and unsecured Wifi connections.



Speedify is a VPN provider with a focus on fast speeds while still maintaining good levels of encryption. They even have a custom “Turbocharge” system that uses ethernet and other internet connections, such as a tethered 3G/4G connection, simultaneously for the highest possible speeds. Speedify’s free VPN plan grants access to all 30+ VPN server locations in the Speedify network, clients for all major operating systems, as well as a no-logging policy to keep you safe and secure. New users of Speedify free VPNs will enjoy 4GB of data allowance the first month but then have a data limit of 1GB per month after that.

Speedify doesn’t give free users a ton of features, or data usage when compared to other, but they are a stable free VPN with good encryption levels. Definitely consider Speedify free VPNs for casual web browsing but nothing too serious like streaming.



Hide.Me is a Malaysia based VPN provider that offers a free plan that gives users a secure OpenVPN connection, access to 22 countries, and decent speeds. Data usage is capped at 2GB per month, but that should be plenty for web-browsing and light downloads.

If using the internet over VPN a lot, then perhaps consider a premium VPN – but if not, then Hide.Me is a great choice when needing a free VPN with lots of countries to choose from.



SurfEasy is a VPN provider that is Canadian based and some-what reminiscent of TunnelBear in look and feel. SurfEasy is user-friendly and super easy to use, it strongly encrypts data providing solid security, and has decent speeds. Data is limited in SurfEasy’s free plan to just 500MB per month.

Although SurfEasy has a low data limit, it is still a very good free VPN for the very casual VPN user. Plus, you can raise your monthly data limit by recommending other people to SurfEasy!



Total VPN is a small VPN provider that offers a free VPN with capable encryption and three server locations to choose from.

Even though TotalVPN has no data limit, they actually have a bandwidth limit that keeps data usage down by limiting the speeds that users get through the VPN servers – the limit is 250KB/s. Hardly broadband speeds, it’s still much better than dial-up!

VPN Gate


VPN Gate is an open-source VPN software and relay server network run by the University of Tsukuba by volunteers in Japan and around the world. The software gets updated regularly and it’s main focus is the bypass government censorship placed on the internet by many different countries around the world – they even have mirror-sites available on the web in the event that the main site is down for some reason.

Because VPN Gate is a network of Public VPN servers hosted by generous people around the world, speeds will vary and no shady activities are allowed such as P2P file-sharing, torrenting, email spamming, or anything illegal in any way. VPN Gate server owners always keep logs and will cooperate with law enforcement should they ever be questioned. VPN Gate is really good for browsing the web with freedom, but not much more should be expected.

Best Free VPN Service Providers 2017 – Conclusion

While there are many great choices for a great free VPN in 2017, the best choices are clearly CyberGhost and Windscribe when it comes to data limits, but TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield are best when it comes to user-friendliness and ease-of-use. This doesn’t mean that the other free VPNs listed are bad, but they just have their own strong points that not everyone will be looking for! Try them all out, it’s not going to hurt.. the worst thing that can happen is you end up with a good free VPN and several backup VPNs for when you hit data/speed limits on the first one!

Please comment below with any thoughts, suggestions, or corrections!

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  • ernie

    nice post. i was actually wondering if having a money-back guarantee essentially makes paid providers like pure, ivacy, express a part of the free model since the option to try out the service without incurring any cost does exist here.

    • Get Fast VPN

      Good point, however, I’d think of those paid providers offering a money-back guarantee as more along the lines of a “Free Trial” since you can only use their service and get your money back once (without being shady).

      I will definitely touch base on that when I do a “Best VPN Trials of 2017” post. haha

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